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Bennington Legacy

The Bennington Legacy 

Willard Boepple, Isaac Witkin and James Wolfe

April 30 – October 29, 2015

Bennington College was the hub for prominent and groundbreaking artists during the 1960s. Paul Feely, Anthony Caro, and Jules Olitski all taught there. Kenneth Noland and David Smith lived in the region, and often visited the college. Exhibitions by Barnett Newman and Jackson Pollock were held there, and Helen Frankenthaler, an alumna, often visited Bennington. I consider myself lucky to have been educated in art history at Bennington College, a school whose history has been so intimately associated with exciting, fresh developments in the art world and where groundbreaking advancements in art history have been established.


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The Bennington Legacy  Catalog, Essay by Karen Wilkin, 40 pages